4 Painting Stores You Need to Know About

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Painting is one of the oldest painting techniques that has been used for decades. It’s a painting technique that uses paint to create an image on a surface, traditionally—but not always—a canvas. The painting is done with any painting media (paintbrushes, roller, or plate), and often multiple paints are applied in layers. The process can be done by hand or machine. The finished work can be mounted on the wall as art, framed, given away as gifts to friends, etc., but it might also have other purposes such as ritualistic purposes like in churches or temples. This article will discuss four important painting stores that you need to know about when looking for painting supplies and equipment!

1. C & J Clark

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C & J Clark is an art supply store that has been in business for over 190 years, making it the oldest painting store in Scotland! They’re still family-owned and they sell painting supplies, painting equipment, painting lessons, and painting products. Their main goal is to provide their customers with high-quality painting supplies and services.

2. Jerry’s Artarama

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Jerry’s Artarama is a painting store that was founded in 1969 by Jerry Albertson. It has since become one of the largest painting stores in the United States, with over 100,000 items for sale! They sell painting supplies, painting lessons, painting books, and more. They also offer painting equipment at their store, which includes painting supplies like easels, painting sets with art supplies included, paintbrushes, painting palettes, and trays, spray paints, painting tables and chairs for kids, etc. Check out Jerry’s Artarama for painting supply deals!

3. Mitchell’s

Mitchell’s is a painting store that offers painting supplies, painting tools, and painting kits. They also offer painting classes in which they teach you how to paint on canvas with acrylics or watercolor paints.

Mitchell’s has been around since the early 1900s when it was established by George Mitchell Sr., who had a love for painting and wanted to share his knowledge with others. What started as a small company of just 2 employees has grown into a large corporation employing over 250 people nationwide. In order to keep up with their rapid growth, Mitchell’s recently created an online storefront where customers can shop from anywhere at any time of day! In addition to this convenient feature, Mitchell’s also provides painting classes at their painting store where you can learn painting techniques from painting professionals in a hands-on environment!

4. Blick Art Materials

Blick Art Materials offers painting supplies, painting equipment, and art materials to people of all skill levels. They have a wide selection of paints, brushes, canvases, and more for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for oil painting or acrylic painting supplies they have the right items in stock at the right price.

Since 1960 they’ve been providing artists with quality materials so that their imagination can be expressed through painting on canvas or paper. Blick Art Materials is committed to helping you create beautiful paintings and provides technical support when needed. Come visit them today!

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