Armpit Rash: All You Should Know About It

Armpit Rash happens when a part of the skin looks abnormal and feels uncomfortable. Rashes can be treated easily with prescription drugs. You can get remedies at home as well.

Armpit Rash: All You Should Know About It
Armpit Rash: All You Should Know About It

I this article, we will look at causes, and ways to treat armpit rash. Rashes occur in different parts of the body where sweat occurs regularly. This parts of the body include neck, armpit,and buttocks.

Causes Of Armpit Rash

Armpit rash can be caused by several things. However, we shall look at the most common one.

  • The first one is heated. Heat rash occurs as a result of sweat on the skin. It causes itchy bumps which are little raised, red, and tiny. It is most common during the summer or in the tropics where the climate is hot.
  • The second cause is as a result of the skin rubbing hard against itself. This type of rash is known as chafing. This category of the rash are often swollen, stinging, burning, raw, bleeding, and reddish. You can experience this type of rash if you wear clothes that are too tight.
  • Finally, the last cause of armpit rash we shall look at in this article. This one is known as contact rash. This happens as a result of the skin coming in contact with something that irritates it. This causes an immune reaction. This rash occurs probably an hour or more after coming in contact with an irritant. This rash often appears red, dry and blistered.

How Prevent Armpit Rash

If you know the cause of an armpit rash, you can learn to prevent it. The following are the preventive steps you can take to avoid a rash.

The first one is to avoid irritant after identifying them. Since skin types vary from one individual to the next, you should find out what irritates your skin and avoid it.

Secondly, using lukewarm water for your bath is a preventive measure.
Furthermore, the use of personal care products that have no fragrance, and have no scent as well. Also, wear clothes that are not too tight. Wearing loose clothes during the summer, or in the tropics helps as well.

Armpit Rash: All You Should Know About It
Armpit Rash: All You Should Know About It

How To Treat Armpit Rash

Rashes that comes as a result of irritant faction can be treated with home care product. We have come up with a few of these home remedies as well as others.

  • The first one is to keep the area dry, and cool by swapping your tight cloths in favour of loose ones.
  • Secondly, using unscented moisturizers for your rash can take of it in a few days. Ensure you do this severally in a day.
  • Furthermore, don’t take long showers. Also, tap the itchy part of the skin rather than scratch the part.
  • Consequently, stay indoors as much as possible until your rash is gone. In addition, using coconut oil, and sunflower oil can treat a rash at home.
  • Additionally, the rash can lead to a complication when proper care is not taken. Scares and infection are possible complications. However, with the right attitude, you can avoid complications.


Armpit rash is very uncomfortable. However, it is treatable. They are preventable as well. We have provided preventive steps in this article as well as how to treat it.

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