Create Beautiful, Long Lasting and Defined Styles! Get Styling Tool That Are Innovative in Every Way

We’ve improved our tool collections to compete in the market with more women dreaming of beautiful hairstyles. We aim to offer clients better solutions that will inspire them to develop new technologies and implement them in products such as Professional Curling & Hair Waver Iron.

Titanium in hairstyling is included in this technology. The material is applied on hairstyle plates and enables hairstyling to improve its qualities. Titanium is a class of transition metals with distinct aesthetic features that are successful.

Materials And Prices

The product material is of high quality to make your hair attractive. The goods prices are 36.73 dollars – 44.73 dollars.

Get professional hair curling and waver iron now!


  • Brand Name – NoEnName_Null
  • Max. temperature – 210 °C
  • Applicable hair – Dry & wet
  • Commodity Quality Certification – ce
  • Temperature Controller – Digital
  • Power – 40W-59W
  • Min. temperature – 80 °C
  • Thermostat Adjustment Segments – Others
  • Material of thermal plate/bar – Tourmaline ceramic
  • Diameter of thermal conductor – Less than15 mm
  • Power Cord Tail Assembly Mode – 360° Rotatable
  • Dimensions Of Heating Plate – Others
  • Type – Monofunctional curler
  • Material – Plastic
  • Power Source – electric
  • Voltage – 100-240v (Dual voltage)
  • Service life of thermal plate/bar – More than 50,000 times
  • Certification – CCC
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• Quick heating

Users require rapid heat from their flat or curling iron to save time. Due to the metallic characteristics of titanium, it heats up swiftly, and women will soon notice an excellent hairstyle.

• Even Dispersion Of Heat

Metals tend to heat too much and cause hair damage in most circumstances. Titanium-capped plates, however, ensure equal heat distribution and protect hair against scratches.

• Smooth Surface Glides Effortlessly On The Hair

Polished surfaces of titanium plates travel gently on your hair, reducing the tangling and protecting your locks from potential injury.

• Retention Of Moisture

Using a flat and curling iron, the hair drying appears rather than creating a healthy appeal. Titanium technology, however, retains humidity to maintain its full glow.

• Promoting Brightness

For many women, shiny hair is a fantasy. This type of curling iron helps to release negative ions that ensure brightness after straightening.

• Property Anti-rust

Corrosion is a typical hairstyling concern. The ladies can use these goods with titanium for a long time, as their anti-corrosion feature prevents rust.



Kinks: The clip holding the hair can put a lot of strain on your strands and leave the indentation. It could be very noticeable and remain as long as the curls do. Moreover, there is no way to change the tightness of the clip on the barrel.

Flatter curls: Flatter curls Using a homogeneous barrel, curls close to the hair’s roots may be difficult to produce. Curls formed from iron, in turn, are usually a little flatter because your roots don’t supply much volume.


Innovation in iron Curling & Hair wavers expands a wide range of benefits for many women. The advantages offered are not just financial, but also the achievement of beautiful hairstyles. When choosing the appropriate curling iron, take this technology into account and discover its benefits for your hair styling system.

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