Decreases Puffiness, Improve Circulation and Can Give You a Refreshed Healthy Glow to Your Skin!

Face a roller is a popular tool used by people for skincare. Some evidence suggests they can increase circulation, temporarily tighten skin, and reduce swelling. Many front rollers are made of quartz, such as jade or quartz. It has a handle with a smooth roller at one end. Some have rollers at both ends of the handle, one larger and the other smaller.


About the Jade facial massage Roller

Although the benefits of using a face roller have not been well studied, facial massage can soothe and may help improve blood circulation in the face. Our pink shaded Facial massage Roller from Rosalind is a non-electric roller and is made of high-quality jade and resin. Its size is about 14.5 mm. It is usually hand-made.

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Pros of the Facial Massage Roller

  • Massaging can improve blood circulation and stimulate fibroblasts. Fibroblasts help produce connective tissue such as collagen and elastin to keep the skin firm.
  • The pressure of the jade roller is beneficial for the drainage of the lymphatic vessels and repels fluid (which is why you are rolling). Eliminates toxins and gives the skin a healthy glow.
  • Jade is naturally cool to the touch, so it’s like an ice pack that soothes your skin. And if you want to increase these sedative effects, you can put the Jade Roller completely in the fridge or freezer.
  • Jade roller is especially effective in removing bags under the eyes. The combination of pressure, cooling, and soothing effects (especially when applied cold) have an uncanny effect on tired eyes.
  • These rollers are super gentle. It does not apply new products or causes skin irritation. That is, anyone can use it.

Cons of Facial Massage Roller

There are no specific cons however, it is accepted as an anti-aging tool, but only works for wrinkles that can be “filled in” by a temporary increase in blood flow. Simply rolling something on your face won’t work on deep wrinkles or loose skin. When you stop using it, the bags under the eyes will not disappear. To really get the most out of Jade Roller, it needs to be part of your daily routine. The roller should only be used on clean, product-free skin or immediately after applying a skincare product. These substances can be pushed deep into the skin, so dirt and makeup can also be pushed. Unfortunately, jade rollers are very popular, with a wide variety of counterfeit products, from colored marble to colored glass.


Unlike skin care devices that come and go, jade rollers have withstood the challenges of time. It does not harm your skin, so please try it. If you learn how to use the jade roller, you can get a wonderful facial massage.

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