Everything Important About Depilatory Cream

depilatory cream

The usage of depilatory creams has been in demand for ages. After the hype of razors and waxing, the simplest and pain-free solution to unwanted hair removal is depilatory cream. But is this safe? Is it the right way to garner your weekend pampering session? Though the usage dates way back to ancient Egypt, researches have been made and many came up with arguments. We are here to discuss the utility of the item. Let’s find out-

What About The Item, Depilatory Cream?

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For starters, these thick consistent creams are spread around evenly for an allotted period of time.  Once the allotted time period is over, it’s time to remove the cream. You can use a wet cotton towel. Or you can simply use plain water to get rid of the cream. When you remove the solution from the skin, surprisingly, the unwanted hair from the surface will be removed painlessly leaving your skin soft and smooth. 

Additionally, with practice, you will be able to remove unwanted hair from any part of the body. But some brands manufacture particular depilatory creams specific to certain areas of the body. 

The only drawback of using the depilatory cream is that the longevity of the hair removal session. This lasts only a few days. You will have to use the same only after 3-4 days which is not great for a fast-paced lifestyle right? 

What About The Primary Ingredient?

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The chief ingredient that every brand uses is thioglycolic acid. Now, it is not directly used, the formula is broken down into calcium and potassium. When this primary ingredient is blended with other essential ingredients, they damage the protein and keratin of our hair, which our hair is organically made of. So, by any chance, if you accidentally apply the cream to any area, and by mistake, the hair is removed, do not worry for it will be solved and new hair will grow in no time. 

Is It Safe To Use Depilatory Cream?

Well, each skin varies from the other. Hence going for a patch test is advised. If your skin reacts regularly, then you are good. However, if it reacts poorly, make sure that you stop using the same instantly. 

What Are The Advantage Of Depilatory Cream?

Well, looking for reasons to opt for a particular item is what makes it a profound investment. So what are the solid reasons-

  • Very convenient for at-home hair removal sessions.
  • Painless.
  • Helps you remove the unwanted hair topically, just from the upper surface of the skin.
  • Does not irritate the skin.

While Concluding 

Well, this is everything regarding depilatory cream. As advised, get yourself a small packet and do the patch test first. If it works fine, then well, and good. However, if it somehow reacts badly, ensures that you stop immediately. Otherwise, it is a great and effortless way to remove hair from the skin. 

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