Hair Removal Cream Burn Treatment – Treatment At The Right Time

hair removal cream burn treatment

Hair Removal Creams are considered the easiest and the least painful way of hair removal. Hair removal creams are very different from waxing or shaving. Waxing pulls your hair right from the root while shaving just removes hair from the surface. Hair Removal Creams dissolve hair right on the surface with the chemicals present in it. Hair removal creams usually work in about 3 to 10 minutes. Once you apply the cream to your skin, you will have to wait the recommended time, then wipe or wash away your hair. The chemicals present in these hair removal creams break the hair bonds inevitably dissolving the hair. While these creams guarantee zero pain, they can also cause burns. As shocking as it sounds, burns from hair removal creams do happen.

Although you don’t have to worry about treating burns, they are highly treatable. They can easily be cured with a hair removal cream burn treatment.

Hair Removal Cream Burn Treatment – Treatment Procedure 

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Step 1 – Before you do anything, rinse your skin. That is the first and the most important thing you should do. It is very important to flush out the chemicals before you apply any new chemicals to your skin. You might not know how different chemicals overlapping on each other might react. So if you are having a burning sensation, remember the first thing you have to do is rinse out that part with cold water.

Step 2 – The very next thing to do is cleanse that part. Always make sure you use an alkaline cleanser. Hair removal creams are acidic. So to decrease the burning, you have to counter it with an alkaline cleanser. This helps neutralize the reaction and will provide relief from the burn.

Step 3 – Burns caused by hair removal creams cause inflammation. Our main motive here is to reduce the inflammation, to do that you have to apply topical steroid cream on the burnt patch of skin. A lot of creams specially made for burns are available in the market. Make sure you have it accessible for incidents like these. Tropical creams have a cooling effect which can give you instant relief from the burn.

Hair Removal Cream Burn Treatment – Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has also been proven to be a great cure for inflammation. It provides quick relief from the burning sensation since it has a cooling effect. The other thing to apply is honey. Honey has a similar effect on the burn and can speed up the healing process since it has antibacterial and antifungal properties.


You might want to be extra careful while getting the hair removal treatment and we insist on trusting the expert advice rather than trying anything at home. Hair removal creams are generally safe to use unless you are allergic. It is always a better option to do a small patch test before you use the cream. And if it burns, need not worry, these burns are highly treatable with hair removal cream burn treatment.

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