Homemade Wax: What You Should Know About It

Homemade Wax has emerged as a popular choice among people who want to get rid of unwanted hair from their bodies. However, if you use wax to get rid of hair regularly? It can become quite expensive. When you consider the process, and aftercare steps.

Therefore, homemade waxing can be a good way to cut down on the cost of waxing. In this article, we shall talk about how to make a wax at home using simple ingredients, types, and how to use it for hair removal. If you are ready? Let find out together.

Homemade Wax: What You Should Know About It
Homemade Wax: What You Should Know About It

Types Of Homemade Wax

Homemade wax exists in several forms. Lots of wax ingredients can be bought from a grocery store near you, and online. Basic requirements for home waxing include wax applicators, wax collars, wax strips, and wax warmer. Consequently, we have come up with the basic types of homemade wax available.

Homemade Wax: Soft Wax

The first of these is soft wax. To make soft wax at Gomez use the following ingredients. White granulated sugar, lemon juice, and a cup of honey.

To prepare, start by melting the sugar in a pot using medium heat. After caramelizing the sugar, when it turns brown. Add lemon juice gradually alongside honey. If the soft wax is too thick, add a little water, and stir the mixture.

To use soft wax, begin by preparing the area you want to wax. You can do this by using a cleanser. Unit on the area you want to wax. After cleaning it off. Then apply baby powder to remove any leftover oil. The baby powder also helps to make the hair stand which makes it easier to remove. After this, apply your soft wax. Spread it evenly over the area you want to wax. Make use of wax strippers to get rid of the hair off your skin. The entire process is quick and easy. It is simple as well.

Soft wax is great for large body parts such as legs, arms, and nonsensitive areas of the body.

Homemade Wax: What You Should Know About It
Homemade Wax: What You Should Know About It

Homemade Wax: Hard Wax

Unlike the soft wax, hard wax should be used in sensitive parts of the body. These parts include underarms, upper lip, and eyebrows. The basic ingredients needed to make hard wax are rosin, and beeswax. In addition to these two, others like vitamins, and oils are used.

To make hard wax, get rosin as well as beeswax from a store, or online in a ratio of 4 to 1. That is 4 portions of the rosin to 1 of the beeswax. Also, get a small quantity of coconut oil. You don’t need wax strips when you use hard wax. It takes about 20 minutes for hard wax to melt in a wax warmer.

The hard wax is used in the same way as the soft wax discussed above. However, you don’t need a wax strip with the hard wax as stated earlier.
In addition to the two types of waxing explained above, there is sugar wax and honey wax.

Wax Aftercare

Homemade wax aftercare is done to remove wax from the area where it is applied. You can do this with coconut oil. Dap it over the skin to remove the excess wax left on the skin.

Additionally, you can make use of vitamin E. Try to find out what works for your skin to eliminate after waxing inflammation.

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