Homemade Wax: Why You Need It

Homemade wax for your body to get rid of unwanted hair. The method is quick and has a lasting effect. However, it is not always easy to get appointments on time in a salon. It is also expensive to be regularly in a salon.

In this article, we are going to talk about the benefits of homemade wax and the types. If you are ready? Let’s find out together.

Homemade Wax: Why You Need It
Homemade Wax: Why You Need It

Benefits Of Homemade Waxing

The benefits of homemade wax will include the benefit of waxing in general.

  • The first benefit is that waxing eliminates cuts and abrasion. When you shave with razor, electric shaver, you have cuts. This leaves your face with stubble. However, when you wax, this problem is completely taken out.
  • Secondly, homemade waxing reduces the possibility of having a skin reaction or allergy common with using normal waxing products. Since it comprises of natural ingredients.
  • Furthermore, homemade wax will exfoliate your skin because of the natural ingredients in it. It will allow your skin pores to open up as well. The benefit of this is that dirt will leave the skin easily
  • Consequently, the use of homemade wax will reduce the quantity of hair in the waxed area. Therefore, the next time you want to wax, you will see a noticeable decrease in the quantity of hair on your skin.
  • Lastly, homemade wax eliminates the problem of order that is associated with cosmetic hair removal. The reason is that it is made of natural ingredients such as honey, and sugar.
Homemade Wax: Why You Need It
Homemade Wax: Why You Need It

How To Make Homemade Wax

The preparation of homemade wax will depend on the type of wax you want to make. However, the method of preparation as similar. The only difference is the ingredients used.

  • The first one we shall look at is the sugar wax. Sugar wax type is applicable to all parts of the body. Unlike other types of wax. The ingredients for this type of wax include salt, a cup of lemon juice, water, and 2 granulated sugar.
  • To prepare, start by putting all the ingredients together in a pot. Use medium temperature to heat the pot till the contents melt. That is until the sugar turns brown. After this, pour the content into a container. Allow it to cool for sometime before using it. The method of use is the same as other forms of wax. There is no special manual.
  • The second type of wax we shall look at is the honey wax. This one is called chocolate wax as well. The name is determined by the major ingredient used. For example, when chocolate is used is called chocolate wax, and when honey is used is called honey wax. Ingredients for this type include cocoa, fruits, and honey. The method of preparation is the same as hard wax.

The only difference is the addition of honey or chocolate to the hard wax. This type of wax offers more benefits to the skin than hard wax. The presence of cocoa makes it highly impossible for inflammation to appear on the skin after use. Honey, on the other hand, makes the skin soft, and open up pores to exfoliate the skin.


Whatever form of homemade wax you want to use, know one thing. They are more beneficial to the skin than the ones in the salon.

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