Ingrown Hair: What You Should Know About It?

Ingrown Hair is a condition where the hair grows sideways rather than grown through the skin. The condition is seen in most people who have coarse hair.In this article, we will talk about the meaning of ingrown hair, and how to prevent it.

Ingrown Hair: What You Should Know About It?
Ingrown Hair: What You Should Know About It?

Symptoms Of Ingrown Hair

When an individual has this hair condition, he will experience the following symptoms.

  • The first sign seen is rash on the part of the body where the hair is shaved.
  • The second sign is itching of the skin on the part where the hair is shaved.
  • The last symptom will be a red, raised bump. The shape can be likened to a pimple.
Ingrown Hair: What You Should Know About It?
Ingrown Hair: What You Should Know About It?

How To Prevent Ingrown Hair

To prevent ingrown hair, you have to determine how to cut the hair. The major debate here is whether an individual should shave or wax the hair. To determine which way to cut the hair. An individual will have to try both methods to determine which is good for the skin.
For Individuals who use shaving method to cut their hair, they have to take note of certain things.

The quantity of lubricant used to shave is important in preventing this hair condition. Lubricants such as shaving gel, soap,and cream will assist in preventing ingrown hair.

The next thing to do for the purpose of preventing ingrown hair is manage the application of razor. Consequently, razor can cause the skin to become irritated when there is too much use of it. The use of razor for shaving the hair should be minimal.

Furthermore, the game can be dropped in favour of a beard trimmer. The trimmer shaves around the skin and not under the skin as the razor does. Using the razor at the minimal setting will shave the hair rather than cutting too deep into the skin.
Alternatively, the second method of prevention is waxing. Waxing will get rid of the hair completely.

Possible Treatment

When it comes to ingrown hair, there are several treatments available. We shall consider a few of these treatments here.
Individuals with the hair condition can make use of laser treatment to was the hair completely. The aim of this treatment is to remove the hair totally.
Make use of benzoyl peroxide for some weeks can treat the hair as well.

Applying exfoliating cream or soap can make your hair condition disappear as well. This should be done in the shower several days a week or until the sign of the hair, the problem disappears.
The use of hair treatment supplements like glycolic acid is a good form of treatment as well.

The use of tweezers can treat the condition as well. However, it should be used in rare cases where other forms of treatment have failed because it is a very painful process.
People suffering from this condition can use anti-inflammatory drugs to treat it as well. Please see a physician before using this treatment.
Additionally, the use of wet washcloth after each shaving session on the shaved part can be effective against ingrown hair as well.


Ingrown hair is widely known the condition. It mostly comes from shaving the hair on theis widely known several treatments available for people with this condition. The condition is preventable as well. We have provided both the preventive method and treatment above.

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