Intimate Parts: How To Go About This Kind Of Hair Removal

Shaving the hair on intimate parts can be challenging. Since they are sensitive and we need to always make sure that they are clean. But then we actually don’t need to shave down there to be clean. Because there are no benefits to our health for shaving our intimate parts. However, doing it is normal and it depends on your preference. This is what we will discuss in this article. Let’s get right into it.

Having to shave almost every day or once a week is really exhausting. And we just want our pubic hair to disappear. Therefore, there are some methods you can use for hair removal. But not all are safe for down there. This means that you need to be careful in choosing which method to use.

Intimate Parts: How To Go About Hair Removal Of This

Methods For Intimate Parts Hair Removal

Intimate Parts: Depilatory Creams

This method of hair removal is very safe and it’s not painful. But for using it on your privates, you need to be sure that it’s okay to do that according to the box. Since there are different brands of depilatory creams that some may not be for private parts use. Be sure that you always check the box of a depilatory cream or any kind of product you want to use before using it. Moreover, do a patch test before you use it. Doing this can help you know if you are allergic or experiencing any side effects. Consult a doctor if there is a reaction. But if not, then go ahead and start shaving.

Intimate Parts: Waxing

In this method, hair removal is very painful. To use the waxing method, warm liquid wax is applied to the area of hair you want to wax. A soft strip of material is position on the wax while it’s still liquid. The strip will be pressed down and removed once the wax turns solid. When removing it, the strip has to be pulled off very fast. Hence, this is what makes it very painful. But it also pulls out the hair from the roots. Therefore, this delays hair growth.

However, you need to be careful because the wax can burn your skin if it’s too hot. That is why you shouldn’t shave before getting a wax. So doing this on the intimate parts can be slightly dangerous. Therefore, it is advisable to go to a professional, instead of doing it yourself.

Laser Hair Removal

This hair removal method uses light to destroy hair follicles in the skin. Once this happens, the hairs start falling out. Laser hair removal can take a long amount of time. But it depends on the amount of hair that is going to be removed.

Intimate Parts: How To Go About Hair Removal Of This
Intimate Parts: How To Go About Hair Removal Of This

To perform laser hair removal, you need to wear protective eye goggles. So as to protect your eyes from any hair particles that may jump out. Some people experience skin irritation post laser treatment. This method of hair removal is very expensive. Moreover, it takes five or more treatments before it works. And sometimes it doesn’t work. Laser hair removal is performed by a professional in a hospital or the like.

In conclusion, removing hair from the private parts is not hard to do but it needs to be done with care. There are other hair removal methods that can be used for intimate parts of hair removal. These are electrolysis, sugaring, and razors. You can find more on them on our other articles here.

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