IPL Hair Removal Systems That Are Different From Normal Ones

ipl hair removal

IPL Hair Removal is a non-surgical hair removal system that offers permanent hair reduction. This process works by using intense pulsed light energy to target the follicles of the skin. The intensity and duration of the light are set to suit the skin type of the patient. Pulsed light has also been known to increase the blood flow to the area, which helps in minimizing the pain felt by the patient during the treatment. It is a painless and quick procedure that can be easily performed at home without any complications.

IPL Hair Removal Uses A Diode And An Intense Pulsed Light To Target The Hair Follicles

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Women are very sensitive about their looks and this is also true for men. A shaved chest or face leaves a lasting impression on most men. Even if they spend hours in front of the mirror shaving daily, they would still hesitate to remove unwanted hairs on their faces, legs and other areas. They may even go to great lengths to hide these unwanted appearances. Women with hairy legs or armpits are perhaps more conscious about their appearance; therefore, IPL hair removal presents a great alternative as it does not involve the use of blades or tweezers to pluck the hairs out.

When looking for an effective hair removal system for men, one of the best products is iPL, also known as LED Light and Diode Laser. IPL uses a Diode and an intense pulsed light to target the hair follicles. It will only take a few applications to achieve a uniform and even skin tone. In just one session, the skin tone will be completely smooth, even and hygienic. For best results, it is advised that iPL be used two to three times per week.

Philips Lumea Prestige Cordless Hair Removal Device

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The Philips Lumea Prestige Cordless Hair Removal Device is one of the most reliable devices in the market today. As with all devices, there are advantages and disadvantages. Although the device works very quickly, it does not have a long warranty like other devices. You can only get two or three sessions with a single charge. This can be expensive if you need many sessions. However, there are other devices which allow you to get more sessions for a lower cost.

Philips Lumea Platinum System works by using infrared technology. The infrared beams are emitted by the device directly onto the skin. This passes through the skin, smoothing out the top layer and removing the hair along with it. There is no pain and the skin appears to be very smooth during the whole procedure. The users have reported that the skin feels fresh and not irritated after each session.

Diode And Ultraviolet Light Therapy System

Another iPL hair removal option is the Diode and Ultraviolet Light Therapy system developed by Cellex-C. Cellex-C uses patented technologies for eliminating hair growth and promoting new skin growth. It works by eliminating melanin, the pigment that gives the skin its dark color. The machine passes extremely low-intensity pulsed light onto the target skin. This destroys the melanin and prevents new hair from growing back.

Although the pulsed light produced is extremely low-energy, it still kills the pigment. The treated area is then smoothed by the surrounding skin. This treatment is more effective than the iPL because the skin is not damaged and it targets the hair follicle. The use of this treatment helps treat not just light colored hairs, but also those that are dark in color.

Summing Up

The third iPL hair removal system is the Bio Claire treatment. This treatment uses a light energy gel that comes in different strengths. This gel is applied on the area being treated and it gently penetrates the skin, killing the pigment and promoting new skin growth. This product also treats people with darker skin without damage to the skin.

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