What You Don’t Know About Razor Blade

Razor is a tool basically used to get rid of unwanted hair from the body. This is done through shaving. There are also different types of razor blades in existence. In this article, we shall talk about the different forms of razor blade and its uses.

Brief Background Of The Razor Blade

Earliest types of razor were made of bronze. The shapes have changed over the years. As a result of modernization. The modern form of razor came into existence in Sheffield, England. It was mainly used by royalties before modernization came. At this time, daily shaving wasn’t common among people.

What You Don’t Know About Razor Blade

Types Of Razor Blade

There are several types of razor blade. Some are no longer used while others are still being used. Hence, we are going to look at the various types of razor blades here.

Straight Razor

The straight razor as open steel blades. It was the most common razor that was used in the 90s. The blades are sharppened at one end. Moreover, stainless steel is the metal that is used in making it.

Disposable Blade

The disposable blade is used in the same way as the straight razor. The only difference between the two is that the disposable razor has single edge. They don’t need stopping ,and honing like the straight razor.

Safety Razor

The safety razor has a protective guard attached to the razor. The razor was discovered by Frenchman Jean Jacques Parret Circa in 1762. However, the new design came around in 1875. Which was smaller than the original type.

Removable Blade

This type of razor probably came into eexistence in 1880. It also has a handle which is joined at the head of the razor. Moreover, the head is removable. Hence, the name removable blade. The modern type of this razor has the comb replaced by a safety bar. The comb is of two types. These are the single, and double-edged ones.

Cartridge Razor

This razor came into existence in the 1960s. And they have become a popular choice for shaving. Moreover, you can remove the head or assemble it the way you want. And you can also attach multiple razor blades placed into it. Usually between two to five.

The lifespan of razor blades can be preserved by drying the blade after it has been used. Additionally, other forms of razor blade include the electric razor. It is the most modern type of razor blade available. Since it came into existence, it has become the best choice for shaving. Furthermore, it has a rotational head. It also uses electricity, hence, it contains a battery. The main advantage of using this razor is that you don’t need shaving cream, water, and soap. Hence, this means that your shaving season will be quick.

What You Don’t Know About Razor Blade

Uses Of Razor Blade

Razor has used both domsestically and commercially. We shall look at a few of this uses. The first is that razor is used for cutting. Razor is an essential item for a household. Moreover, you can also use it for scrapping. It is also used in first aid for cutting bandages.


Razor blades are have been used for such a long time. Currently, there are many different types of razor blades. And we have provided all these information in this article.

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