Why Are Razor Blades So Important?

Razor Blades has been in use since the beginning of time. In this article, we shall talk at the importance of razor blades, and the types in existence. Of you are ready, let find out together.

Why Razor Blades Are Important
Why Razor Blades Are Important

Important Uses Of Razor Blades

There are lots of importance associated with razor blades.
The first one is that they are used for wood scrapping. If you want to scribe your cabinets, you have to employ the service of razors. They are very effective in this work.

Secondly, the razor is excellent for cutting. This makes them an excellent addition to toolboxes. Tailors, carpenters all make use of a razor to cut threads, and tapes.

Furthermore, razor blades are important in marking. In the absence of a conventional marking tool, razor blades can and used for marking points on furniture or other items for measurement.

Types Of Razor Blades

There are different types of razor blades available now.
Moreover, the very first type of razor in history is the obsidian. This razor originated from Egypt. It was used by the Egyptian kings for their shaving needs. The razor was made of bronze. It had the shape of a sickle. Before the discovery of the obsidian, items like sharp teeth were sharpened to work like a razor for shaving purposes.

In modern times, the shape of the razor has changed. Modern types of razors include. The straight razor, electric razor, and the disposable – blade also called the cartridge razor.

The straight razor was established as the first modern razor. It became popular after the second world war. The reason being that people began to shave every day during the war. It became something like a ritual for men after the war. To use this razor requires a bit of expertise. This made the razor go out of relevance after the discovery of the double – edge razor. The double- edge safety razor became popular because it was easier to use than the straight razor.

Why Razor Blades Are Important
Why Razor Blades Are Important

However, the problem of the safety razor was it was not durable. It could not be used more than once. This made people quickly discard it as more people found shaving less of a daunting task.

Furthermore, we have the cartridge razor. The cartridge jas has multiple blades. This made them more popular than other forms of razors. It is joined by a disposable head that is joined to the handle. It was made famous because the angle of contact with the skin can be set before use. The advantage of this is that it reduces the problem of cuts.

Electric Razor

Moreover, the next type we shall talk about is the electric razor. This type exists in several brands. Electric razor combines the advantages of the other types of razor. That is why it is the most popular choice for shaving nowadays. It is powers by an electric motor. The motor is powered by either electricity or rechargeable batteries. The rechargeable batteries make it ideal to be used in any situation. It is quick as well.


Razor blades are part of our daily activities. There are several types of it. The most popular ones are discussed here.

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